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Postcards from Istanbul: On the Bosphorus

Asiaminor - Sokak Boyunca (1991)

«Sokak Boyunca (Along The Street) is the title of a CD by the Turkish group Asiaminor, released by Face Music Switzerland. Contemporary and creative music which is equally characterised by updated traditional ethnic influences and by suspenseful dealing with additional material, for instance from the sectors of jazz, jazz rock and rock, in the meantime has become the trademark of Face Music. The

African Party Volume 1 (1966-1968)

Hello everybody! I’m leaving for a brief holiday, but I’m not gonna leave you thirsty for music, ‘cause this is a real gem, which I am sure will be in heavy rotation in your mp3 player for the whole summer! So, have fun with the African Party! See ya soon, Radu «In the nineteen-seventies, many quality recordings of classic Congolese bands were issued in the AFRICAN 360 series,

Ghazal - Moon Rise Over The Silk Road (2000)

«Westerners have become increasingly familiar with the classical music of India since it first became fashionable in the 60s. But the Persian tradition, without a Beatles/Ravi Shankar collaboration to promote it, has remained a mystery, although it is becoming more recognized. Ghazal creates (or rather, re-creates) a musical bridge between two of the world's most expressive and distinctive

Sopwith Camel - Fazon (1972)

One of my favourite "summer songs".Have fun!

Lynda Lemay - Live (1999)

«French Canadian singer/songwriter Lynda Lemay has been a star in her native Quebec since the early '90s, and also has a large following in Europe, where her playful, poignant writing style is appreciated for its compassionate, literate, and often humorous approach to both the large and small requirements of contemporary life. With a novelist's eye for detail and an endearing ability to make


Rachel's – Music fo Egon Schiele (1996) Dazkarieh – Dazkarieh (2002) Iva Bittova - River of Milk (1991)

Postcards from Italy (59) - Angels' Band (Ruffia, Piedmont, Italy)

Quartetto Marini - Cantata Profana (1990)

One of the best female Italian folksingers, here in action with her wonderful vocal quartet, in a more experimental mood. Well worth diggin’it! «Il quartetto vocale nasce nel 1976 con lo scopo di eseguire alcune musiche che avevo scritto con intento polifonico, ma che eseguivo

Bembeya Jazz National - Authenticité 73 / Parade Africaine (1973)

«During the 1960s and '70s, Guinea's all-powerful president Sekou Toure created a system of state-sponsored national orchestras and instructed them to create modern interpretations of the country's folkloric music. Toure's policy of authenticité forced bands to meld traditional music with the Cuban styles and Congolese rumba popular at that time. Guitarists learned to echo the fluid melodies of


Bevinda - Fatum (1994)

«A French journalist once tagged her the “fada” of the Fado (fairy of the Fado). If Fado may be an important element in her music, she proved through the years that she was quite an unusual singer who found her path and her voice as she built her own world between the realms Portugal of her native land and France the country where she now lives.Well known to the French audience, Bévinda has