Huáscar Barradas - Trío Acústico Venezolano (2001)

«“Si hay algo especial en Venezuela es que en cualquier reunión aparece un cuatro o una guitarra, alguna tía con talento musical comienza a cantar, las primas le hacen coro, el amigo del amigo toca las maracas, se improvisa, se cuentan anécdotas, chistes, y se forma un alboroto hasta que “el cuerpo aguante”… De este ambiente festivo y alegre está impregnado el disco Trío Acústico Venezolano.

The Rough Guide to the Music of Thailand (2003)

«Thai music hasn't had much exposure on the world stage, but on the basis of the excellent Rough Guide to the Music of Thailand compilation, it's only a matter of time before it emerges as a global force. The emphasis here is on the lukthung and morlam styles, which originated in northern Thailand, illustrated in both traditional and more modern pop forms, but there are also oddities like the

Le marché de Belleville, Paris

La Tordue - T'es Fou (1997)

«Au cours des années 90, un courant dit néoréaliste a envahi le paysage musical français en lui insufflant au passage une énergie poétique tout à fait revigorante. Parmi les figures de proue de cette nouvelle vague, est apparu un groupe tout en franchise gouailleuse, la Tordue. C'est autour du quartier de Belleville à Paris que se sont rencontrés les deux premiers membres de la Tordue. Benoît

Amman, Jordan

Photo: RMF

Putumayo Presents Arabic Groove (2001)

«If you want to know what's rocking the kasbah these days, Arabic Groove is where to start. From Algeria, Morocco, Egypt an other Arab countries we hear the dance-floor grooves and detect the influence of Western pop, notably funk, hip-hop and electronica. This of course makes sense from the Arabic point of view as those artists now get played alongside Westerners. In 1996 Khaled had a number

The Sound of Kinshasa - Guitar Classics from Zaire (1995)

«Most of the great Afropop styles have grown out of a joining of urban and rural ideas, of indigenous roots and foreign borrowings. The story of Congolese pop music provides a complex and powerful example. By the closing years of the Belgian Congo, the city of Leopoldville (today's Kinshasa) was a place where city boys plucked out highlife songs on box guitars, phonographs and radios played the

Some Re-Posts

The Cracow Klezmer Band – Bereshit (2003) Oregon – Music of Another Present Era (1973) Black Sugar – Viajecito (1970-72)

Daara J - Boomerang (2003)

«“Born in Africa, brought up in America, hip hop has come full circle,” proclaims Daara J on the title track of the group’s American debut album Boomerang (Wrasse Records, 2004) – featuring, among others, Rokia Traoré & Sargent Garcia. Hailing from Senegal, the western-most country in Africa, Daara J must have caught some of the sound waves rolling over the Atlantic from the South Bronx in the

William Turner - Rain, Steam and Speed (1844)

Pressgang - Fire (1996)

«I've long admired Pressgang for their ability to provide no-holds-barred folk-punk. And this is English electro-acoustic folk-punk with a capital "E" and a capital "NGLISH," the kind of waggish onslaught on tradition that is definitely not for the faint of heart. In fact this album may very well redefine the genre. I am mystified by the lack of attention Fire! has received in both the overseas

Roberto Fonseca - Elengó (2001)

«By now anyone even remotely interested in Latin music has heard of (and listened to) the legendary Buena Vista Social Club. Their Grammy award and their well received feature length documentary has catapulted their music from the Hispanic community to mainstream America. BVSC has been described as "not exactly a band but rather a gathering of the nineteen most talented living latin musicians"

Sali Sidibé - From Timbuktu to Gao (1993)

«Sali Sidibé is another exponent of wassoulou style of music, predominantly performed by female singers from the South of Mali. In the footsteps of the pioneers Kagbe Sidibé and Coumba Sidibé, Sali became one of the most popular Wassoulou singers in Mali.Her music is somewhat different from that of Oumou Sangaré, but more similar to the style of Nahawa Doumbia since she is using the same didadi

Postcards from Italy (54) - Tuscany

Bandabardò - Iniziali Bì-Bì (1998)

«Enrico Erriquez Greppi, un bilingue dal passato franco lussemburghese, convince A. M. Finaz, rampante chitarrista elettrico, a gettare alle ortiche qualsiasi amplificatore o pedale di sua appartenenza. Questo per la convinzione di Erriquez che sarebbe bello e divertente portare su un palco la stessa atmosfera di festa che si instaura nelle "cantate tra amici", momenti magici in cui stonati e

The Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir / Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares - Ritual (1993)

«In 1951, the father of Bulgarian concert folk music, Philip Koutev, established the Ensemble of the Bulgarian Republic. His goals was to join the rich heritage of his country's solo folk songs with harmonies and arrangements that highlighted their beautiful timbres and irregular rhythms. One year later, the Bulgarian State Radio and Television Female Vocal Choir was founded. Then as now, its

E. T. Mensah & the Tempos - All For You: Classic Highlife Recordings from the 1950s (1993)

«With the passing of trumpet player, saxophonist, and vocalist Emmanuel Tettey "E.T." Mensah on July 19, 1996, at the age of 78, Ghana lost one of its most influential musicians. Respectfully known as "the father of modern highlife," Mensah played a vital role in the evolution of Ghana's music. In the early '90s, Mensah recalled his revamping of highlife, explaining, "We urgently wanted an


The Church - Of Skins and Heart (1981)

«Best known for the shimmering "Under the Milky Way," their lone Top 40 hit, the Australian band the Church combined the jangling guitar pop of '60s icons like the Byrds with the opaque wordplay of frontman Steve Kilbey to create a lush, melancholy brand of neo-psychedelia rich in texture and melody. Formed in Sydney in 1980 by vocalist/bassist Kilbey with guitarist Peter Koppes and drummer Nick

Willie and Lobo - Siete (2000)

Though they were initially discovered while playing at a small club in Puerto Vallarta, the acoustic duo of Willie Royal and Wolfgang "Lobo" Fink had been influenced by the music of the entire world — Royal, though born in Texas, traveled with his Air Force father to Turkey, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands and France, while Fink, born in Germany, also lived in Spain, Jamaica and Mexico. As such,

Sandy Lopicic Orkestar - Border Confusion (2001)

«Lo sterminato patrimonio musicale dei paesi dell'Est europeo, le radici e l'immutata carica vitale e spesso eversiva riescono a sorprenderci sempre. Sandy Lopicic Orkestar è nata e cresciuta intorno al suo leader che ha dovuto emigrare per portare avanti il suo progetto musicale e per portarsi dietro un pezzo della sua amata patria. Bosniaco di Sarajevo, si trasferisce in Germania a causa dei

Postcards from Italy (53) - Monviso, Western Alps

Francis Bebey - Dibiye (1997)

A small tribute to a giant of African music (and not only) «Un album sensible, mariné de douceurs multiples. Un album cuit à point... pourrait-on dire. Le meilleur -probablement- de la part de ce pionnier des sentiers modernes de la musique. En compagnie du quartet Amaya (African Music Yet Authentic), dans lequel on retrouve ses deux surdoués de fils, Toups et Patrick (saxophone,percus, sanza

Paranda: Africa in Central America (1998)

«Paranda is a musical tradition of the Garifuna, whose ancestry can be traced to West Africans (Ibo, Yoruba, and Ashanti tribes) and the Arawak Indians of the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. Today the Garifuna live in Belize, where they established communities in 1802 after being first exiled to Honduras from their native St. Vincent, then fleeing Honduras to escape a civil war. Paranda

Sur Sudha Presents: Famous Folk Songs of Nepal - The Himalayan Lores (1996)

«In an attempt to preserve the Nepali classical and folk music, Sur Sudha Records is proud to present this collection of popular Nepali folk songs in compact disc for the first time in Nepal. In this collection, all the music collected has been sung and arranged by renowned musicians and singers of Nepal. Nepal is a country with many different communities and different landscapes – from the

XXI Century

Chéri Chérin (Dem. Rep. of Congo), Que nous réserve le 21ème siècle? (2006)

Mamar Kassey - Alatoumi (2000)

A wonderful band from Niger, which recently I had the pleasure to see live. Enjoy! «Mamar Kassey is a group from Niger that presents original songs and music based on the traditions of the different people of that country, which includes the Sahel, the Peul, the Songhaï, the Djerma, and the Haoussa. As with all African music styles, rhythms, dance, and songs are the heart of this very

The Men They Couldn't Hang - How Green Is The Valley (1986)

A folk-rock classic from UK, and an old favourite of mine. «The Men They Couldn’t Hang were officially formed in early 1984. The founding members were Phil "Swill" Odgers (vocals, guitar), Paul Simmonds (guitar, bouzouki, keyboards) and Jon Odgers (drums) from punk-pop band Catch 22 with Shanne Bradley (bass, flute – former member of Shane MacGowan’s band "The Nips") and Stefan Cush (vocals,

Spices (Amman, Jordan)

Picture: RMF

Maurice el Médioni meets Roberto Rodriguez - Descarga Oriental: The New York Sessions (2006)

«On first thought, one might be hard-pressed to find a common ground between Algerian raï music and Latin jazz. But for the pianist Maurice el Medioni, an Algerian-born Jew who left his home for France decades ago as an exile, and the Cuban-born, New York-based percussionist Roberto Rodriguez, the link connecting North Africa and Cuba is a direct one – by way of Spanish Andalusia. World music