Beyond the River: Seasonal Songs of Latvia (1998)

«This fascinating album is part of the excellent Hemisphere series of world music. Latvia – together with Estonia and Lithuania – is one of the Baltic states that regained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 following an earlier period of independence between the first and second World Wars. The album speaks of the new confidence of a re-emergent country rediscovering the richness and

Maghreb Sound System (2003)

«Les enfants de l’immigration maghrébine, reprenant les traditions musicales de leurs parents, se nourrissent de l’électronique et s’appuient sur des tendances musicales urbaines et occidentales pour préparer un tajine sonore des plus surprenants. Les chansons présentées sur cet album balaient un large spectre des tendances actuelles : hip-hop, dub, jungle, ragga, house, techno… mixées avec du

Mahlathini & Mahotella Queens - Isomiso (1983)

«Simon Nkabinde Mahlathini (nicknamed “the Lion of Soweto”) came to international attention via the 1985 sampler The Indestructible Beat of Soweto. He began to tour internationally with female singers the Mahotella Queens, although he has been playing and singing his brand of mbaqanga (Zulu pop music, heavily influenced by traditional singing styles) since the early ‘60s. Mahlathini started

Ray Lema - "Ali Farka Touré" Video

Ray Lema - Paradox (2007)

«Recorded in a trio with bass-guitarist Etienne Mbappe and drummer Francis Lassus, Ray Lema’s new album, Paradox, is an eclectic mix of language and genre. It is hardly surprising to find such diversity from a musician who has always been frustrated by pigeonholes.RFI Musique: Let’s talk about a word that you seem fond of, “paradox”, since it is the title you gave your album.Ray Lema: We live in