Smadj - Take It and Drive (2004)

«Tunisian born, Parisian musician Jean-Pierre Smadja (Smadj) grew up listening to Oriental, Brazilian, funk, soul, and folk music. Entering a jazz school at age 15 due to his intense interest in the guitar, Smadj’s musical development came to be characterized by transforming traditional jazz styles into eclectic sounds. This interest in the mechanics of making music led Smadj to pursue a degree

Max Cilla - La Flûte des Mornes (1988)

Max Cilla is the master of the traditional flute; his country [Martinique] calls him “Le Père de la Flûte des Mornes” (“The Father of the Mountain Flute”). The mountainous regions in the French West Indies are called the “Mornes”. The term also refers to the deep countryside, “the big forests”, which inspire mystical dreams and feed the imagination of storytellers and poets. The “Mornes” used

Haiti: How to Help

Some useful links: Haiti Earthquake: How to Help Terremoto a Haiti: gli aiuti Cómo ayudar a las víctimas del terremoto de Haití Please, integrate this short list with other reliable links. Thanx.

Lhasa de Sela - Con Toda Palabra

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Ludovico Einaudi & Ballaké Sissoko - Diario Mali (2003)

«Mali Diary (Diario Mali) is a studio recording of duets between the highly successful Italian classical-crossover pianist, Ludovico Einaudi, and Mali musician Ballake Sissoko – one of the most gifted kora players in Africa. This unexpected collaboration was recorded in February 2003, less than a month after they had appeared together at the now famous Festival in the Desert. They had a track