Houria Aïchi - Hawa (1993)

«Née au pied du massif des Aurès dans le Nord-Est algérien, Houria Aïchi, qui vit en France depuis trente ans, perpétue une tradition de poésie populaire chantée, héritée de sa grand-mère. Dans sa famille et depuis au moins trois générations, les femmes sont de grandes solistes qu’on appelle pour chanter lors des cérémonies familiales.Qu’elle reprenne une tradition ancienne de chants a cappella

Alta Madera - Alta Madera (2004)

«Our musical “voyage” begins with the traditions of Cuban music, passing then through Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela, going back to its Hispanic origins. The strong acoustic impact and jazz language our music carries with it, takes us in a direction we could perhaps define as “Acoustic Latin Jazz” or “World Latin Jazz”. A characteristic of Alta Madera’s sound is definitely the absence of

Abou Chihabi - Folkomor Ocean (1997)

«Abou Chihabi is a folk singer and songwriter from Grande Comore who fights against social injustice and racial discrimination. Abou Chihabi chose to call his group "Folkomor Ocean" because his main source of inspiration is his native land, the comors, which is insular and which no distance will ever make him forget. Folkomor Ocean has been released in 1997 on Playa Sound» (Mondomix) «Abou