Kutumba - Folk Roots (2005)

«The word ‘Kutumba’ holds a special meaning in the Nepali language. It stands for a unique bond amongst community members. As their name, Kutumba is all about bringing together traditional folk tunes and instruments with new and improvised sounds and ideas. Kutumba is a folk instrumental ensemble, group of seven professionals from Kathmandu. Having come together for the preservation of their

Jack DeJohnette & Foday Musa Suso - Music from the Hearts of the Masters (2006)

«When Foday Musa Suso teamed with drummer Hamid Drake in the ‘80s to form the Mandingo Griot Society, the usage of kora and the American drum kit was a novelty, and successfully but precariously placed the traditions of African village music and jazz oriented polyrhythms in a new place. Suso and the veteran drummer Jack DeJohnette team up in duets that do not juxtapose, but complement the

The Wailin' Jennys - Firecracker (2006)

«Though Cara Luft, a founding member of the Wailin' Jennys, was replaced by Annabelle Chvostek, the band's tight harmonies and pretty folk songs haven't changed at all on their second album, Firecracker. In fact, they've even gotten better. Chvostek's voice is seductively low and versatile, and it blends well with and adds a lot of strength and depth to the higher ranges that Ruth Moody and Nicky

Dave Grusin - 3 Days of the Condor (1975)

A great soundtrack to a great movie! Check’em out! «Dave Grusin adopts a superb white funk sound, incredibly crisp and clean. The orchestra on this album are unbelievably tight, and very funky. It's a mix of short funk themes and longer strings-laden tracks. The theme is superb, and much covered, and check out "Flight Of The Condor".» (Blaxploitation) «In the 1970s, when prominent movie

Three Days of the Condor (1975) movie trailer

Anouar Brahem, John Surman & Dave Holland - Thimar (1998)

«The role of the Arabic, lute-like, stringed instrument, the oud, has been revolutionalized through the playing of Anouar Brahem. While used in the past to accompany vocalists, the oud is used by Brahem as an imaginative solo instrument. In 1988, Tunisian newspaper, "Tunis-Hebdo", wrote, "If we had to elect the musician of the 80s, we would have, without the least hesitation, chosen Anouar Brahem

The Strawbs - When the Sun Came Shining Through (1969)

A little gem from the past.


Gal Costa - Gal Costa (Cinema Olympia) (1969)

Postcards from Italy (61): L'Aquila (Abrutium)

Sine Nomine - La Musica Italiana del XV Secolo (1992)

A great collection of (secular) Italian Renaissance music. Highly recommended. Sine Nomine: Gloria Moretti (voice, percussions),Alessandra Fiori (alto, portative organ),Stefano Pilati (Tenor, synphonia, lute, percussions, Renaissance guitar),Marco Ferrari (bass, flute shawn, dulcian),Roberto Caccio (Lute, bass),Fabio Tricomi (pipe and tabor, fiddle, lute, Renaissance guitar,

Trinidad Steel Combo - Steel Drums from the Caribbean Islands (1995)

«The Steel Drum, or Pan, is a unique instrument, and one of the most recently invented. It is a skillfully hammered 55-gallon oil drum which has been carefully tuned to produce tones. The Steel Drum carries the full chromatic range of notes, and can produce just about any type of music you can think of! During British Colonial rule of Trinidad in the 1800's, hand drums were used as a call for

Wasis Diop - No Sant (1996)

«The traditional sounds of Senegal are combined with contemporary world music influences to create the smooth-edged global fusion of Paris-based guitarist Wasis Diop. His song, "African Dream," was a top forty hit in England, while, his soundtrack for his brother, Djibril Diop Mambety's film, Hyenes, was an international success. USA Today praised Diop for his "sensual rhythms, gorgeous harmonies