Saddar Bazaar - The Conference of the Birds (1995)

«Bristol based and formed in 1990 by Shaun Hyder (Sitar etc.) and Rehan Matthew Hyder (Slide Guitar), Saddar Bazaar (Central Market) were soon joined by John Sage on Drums and supported various bands in the local area such as The Seers, Praise Space Electric and the Bevis Frond. They also played at the well known Ashton Court Community Festival in Bristol. By 1992 John had left the band and had

Erkin Koray - Benden Sana (1982)

«Erkin Koray (born June 24, 1941, in Beykoz, Istanbul) has been in the Turkish rock music scene since the late 1950s or early 1960s. He is widely acclaimed as being the first person to ever play rock and roll in Turkey; in 1957, he and his band gained fame by playing covers of Elvis Presley and Fats Domino. He was also one of the first Turkish musicians to embrace the electric guitar and modern

Music of the Andes (1994)

«Well, this music does come from the Andes, but it's not representative of the wide range of Andean music, given that there are only five artists on the disc, and one of those, the late, great singer and songwriter Victor Jara, only appears once, with "El Tinku." Like Jara, the other groups here have their roots in the time before the Chilean military coup of 1973. Among them is the venerable

Trilok Gurtu & Arkè String Quartet - Arkeology (2006)

«Another Trilok triumph. Once again, the Indian percussionist and composer Trilok Gurtu proves himself to be among the world’s most adventurous, skilled and intelligent fusionists, on this spectacular marriage between East and West, in collaboration with Italy’s Arkè String Quartet. Many of the best fusions are sound collisions, their very success based on a thrilling clashing of cultures.

The Rough Guide to World Party (2007)

«The Rough Guide to World Party is the perfect soundtrack to some of the world’s most spectacular festivals and celebrations. From the swinging jazz of New Orleans Mardi Gras to the African blues of the Festival in the Desert, and from the driving samba rhythms of Brazil ‘s Rio Carnival, to Pushkar’s amazing camel fair, this release features a stunning selection of tracks from the critically

Enzo Avitabile & Bottari - Salvamm' O Munno (2004)

«Italian saxophonist Enzo Avitabile went from being a noted sideman to blazing his own trail in the new millennium fusing traditional Italian music with progressive, new ideas. Born in Naples in 1955, Avitabile began studying sax as early as age seven. His musical path led him to conservatory, where he would gain an education in both contemporary and traditional musical techniques. Throughout

Musiche dal Mondo: Scandinavia - Suoni dal Grande Nord (2001)

A great collection of modern Scandinavian folk, featuring some of the most representative artists in the genre. Gjallarhorn are from the Swedish-speaking area of Finland, and as a result their lyrics are sung in Swedish (as opposed to Finnish, as one might expect of a Helsinki-based band). Although fairly traditional, the band does incorporate ethnic percussion instruments (from all different

Magic Carpet - Magic Carpet (1972)

«Magic Carpet made just one album in the early 1970s, the self-titled Magic Carpet, that fused Indian ragas and singer-songwriter folk in a manner suggestive of Joni Mitchell playing with the Incredible String Band. Three of the four musicians – sitarist Clem Alford, guitarist Jim Moyes, and tabla player Keshav Sathe – had issued a previous album on Windmill under the name Sagram (a misspelling

Spring Season II

Cissoko - Bakine Percussion (2001)

«The Senegalese Jules Souleymane Cissokho, together his brother Moussa Cissokho, created the percussion group "Cissoko Bakine Percussion". It is a wonderful album inspired by traditional African music and instruments, including the balafon played by Lansiné, the peul flute, the kora and a mixture of djembé. Listen» «Le Sénégalais Jules Souleymane Cissokho, avec le

Rogério Tavares - Galope (2004)

«Rogerio Tavares is undoubtedly one of the greatest new talents to play Spanish guitar. This exceptional debut album somehow manages to mix the traditional side of Brazilian traditions with modern influences. His superb mastery of the Spanish guitar is evident on nearly every track, but unlike many players he brings in very light touches of electronica to help fuse the sounds. Galope is an